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IT Contractor Mortgages

Contractor Mortgages | We  specialise in matching IT Contractor and freelancers with mortgage lenders offering highly competitive rates coupled with a wide range of flexible products.

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Contractor Remortgages

A remortgage is the process of switching from one lender to another. There are often varying reasons why someone would remortgage, from wanting to release equity to pay off debts or carry out home improvements, adding or removing a party to the mortgage or acquiring a better rate of interest.

Many Contractors and Freelancers having faced a difficult time obtaining their initial mortgage, often believe that it will be just as difficult to find a new one when they are faced with one of the above reasons to remortgage. This often results in the client simply re-approaching their current lender and in most cases being offered terms less competitive than terms they could obtain by remortgaging to a new lender. A number of Contractors and Freelancers will remain with their mortgage provider long after their initial discounted product ends (be that a fixed rate, tracker rate or discounted rate) in the belief that they would not be eligible for a new mortgage. This means they are often paying over the odds.

With the help of a Specialist Contractor and Freelancer Mortgage Advisor you can be sure that they will find the best mortgage for you when you are looking to remortgage. They appreciate how busy Contractors and Freelancers are and will take all the hassle of dealing with the remortgage away from you. They will source from the ‘whole of the market’, deal with surveyors and conveyancing as well as being the link between your current lender and the new one. They will also keep you informed on the progress of the remortgage along the way.

Should you wish to discuss your remortgage enquiry further, gain an understanding of what rates would be available to you based upon your specific circumstances and even obtain an agreement in principle, please begin the process by entering in your daily rate in the calculator below. From there you will be able to enter your details to request a call back from a Specialist Contractor and Freelancer Mortgage Advisor.

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